Thursday, August 27, 2009

Ohio State - Big 10 (or 11) are Big JOKES!

It absolutely sickens me that every year we have to endure talk of the Buckeyes being an elite powerhouse team. Really? Lsat year they played 3 ranked teams and lost to all of them. And OSU had more seniors than any of their opponents. This year, OSU and PSU (Penn State) play the biggest cupcake schedules of any one in any of the BCS conferences. Yet, one, if not both, of these two teams will end up in BCS games only because they play in the absolute weakest BCS conference (don't believe me? Check the Big 10's bowl record for the past 5 years). The biggest farce in all of sports, is the fact that Jim Delaney heads up the BCS. Why is an OSU employee running the BCS? THAT is why they do not want another team in the Big 11. THAT is why the Big 11 doesn't want a conference playoff. They have figured out that as long as they have two teams with a minimum of 9 wins, they will have two teams in BCS games. College sports, and particularly football, is supposed to be about parity. Where is the parity when OSU gets an automatic BCS bowl game every year, bringing them more television exposure, more money to the program, and more money to the conference? Once again the BIG 10 (11) is the weakest conference of the 6 BCS conferences, yet ever year they get the marquis game. TSK-TSK BCS.